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Our Services

We take you professionally to a new level


  • Bronze
  • $ 60 Basic
    • Includes only the Resume.
    • Standard Turnaround: Receive your first draft within a week (RUSH service available)
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  • Silver Package
  • $ 100 A Keyword and SEO-Optimized Resume.
    • Includes All Cost-Effective Package Items Plus:
    • 1. Standard Turnaround: Receive your first draft within a week.
    • 2. Thank You Letter: Most overlooked part of a job search.
    • 3. LinkedIn Profile Update: We match up your Resume and Profile.
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  • Gold
  • $ 200 Everything you need to be a Rockstar, including LinkedIn and a Thank You Letter.
    • 1. Modern Resume Style: Proven resume format we have tested with hiring managers.
    • 2. Proven Page Count: 1-2 pages of professionally written content highlighting your expertise.
    • 3. Proven Page Count: 1-2 pages of professionally written content highlighting your expertise.
    • 4. Keyword & ATS Optimized: Keyword optimization for your Resume.
    • 5. Complimentary Cover Letter: This will give you a significant advantage over your competitors.
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Mock Interview

We prepare you to know how to answer potential questions during our mock interview session that will imitate an office interview’s real conditions. This will uniquely empower you and make you confident for your interview.


US 40/30 minutes

Interview Coaching

You will receive in-depth insight tips from our team based on your interview skills response to our questions. Practice real interview prepares you to ace any interview you might face in the following weeks.


US 80/30 minutes

Interview Preparation

Our team of experts will develop research on the company you have the interview for coming through this service. We will prepare a strategic plan ahead based on company key facts and help you with your answers and reaction to your interview scenario.


US 150/45 minutes

Job search advice

Learn how to find a good job fast with our services.


US 70/30 minutes

What’s Included with Your Service?
The professional package will boost your confidence since you will know how to answers traditional interview questions. The Bridge team will analyze every answer and develop a program plan to help the client exceed in the interview.

Job Search Advice Session
With this service, The Bridge team will work with our allies to analyze the client’s weaknesses and strengths and compare the client with an extensive database that will allow the team to maximize the client’s strengths.

Have you ever wondered what you could do next with your career with the skillset you have developed over the past few years? Our In-House Research Team and partner recruiters will prepare cross-referenced advice checked against one of the country’s largest candidate databases so that you can leverage your skill set and experience to maximize your next job.

On-Site Training

We designed workshops for your audience; with the help of over 20 top collaborators, nationals and internationals, our workshops are designed to facilitate group sessions around career services.
Price: Varies

On-Site or Online

Whether your organization is looking for an on-site workshop or wants to provide the audience with an online forum to participate, we can arrange it.

Price: Varies



  • Providing social media management
  • Creating engaging content for all networks
  • Monitoring and moderating all discussions
  • Escalating critical issues to stakeholders
  • Reporting issues, trends, and metrics


  • Chanel-specific strategies for customer engagement
  • Providing SEO analysis and user feedback
  • Social listening/tracking real-time customer sentiment
  • Developing a crisis-management plan
  • Managing social-marketing /AD programs
  • Business web design


  • Foreign-language/Bilingual support
  • Tailored schedules with full hours and 15-minute scans
  • Up to 24/7/365 available
  • Big or small projects welcome